Wednesday, August 27, 2014

9 Months:

- 19.25 pounds. 29.25 inches.
- You have pulled to standing a few times. And every time you get this half terrified/half excited look on  your face.
- You sleep well during the day and you don't fight your naps most days! (Thank You!!) Our nights are not nearly as hard as they were with Henry at this age, but you still wake up most nights between 3-5 and nurse and go back to sleep until 7:30 ish.
- You were being super goofy the other day and playing with a tooth brush cover and making funny noises with it. Dad was laughing at you which only encouraged your silliness. We were all laughing together.
- One of my favorite things you currently do is point at things with your little index finger pointed out. You loved to point gently (for the most part) at Gram's necklaces and Papa's facial hair.
- You had your first sickness. Boo. High fever for a few days and you were very sleepy. We got lots of good snuggles but we sure are glad you are feeling better again. My arms were gettting pretty tired of holding you all the time.
- You have moved past the puff's stage onto Cheerios! I love this milestone because Cheerios are sooo much cheaper. In fact, you are kinda over mushy food. You just want what we are eating. You got to try lots of new things while we were with Gram and Papa. Strawberries, rice, cheesy potatoes, and fried chicken. You were getting spoiled!
- You love to army crawl around the house and play with Henry. You especially like playing with Dad and Henry when they are laying on the floor.
- Diaper changes and changing your clothes is rather difficult. You squirm and move and try to sit up on the changing table. Once you are sitting you give us a huge smile like "look what I can do!!". We are proud, but really you need to sit still when we are changing you!
- Your smile continues to grow bigger and cuter by the day. You really are such a sweet boy and you bring us joy on a daily basis.

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