Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Pictures Random Thoughts:

Summer camp is nearly over and I am not sure how that is even possible. Wasn't staff training last week? It has been a good summer. I have found myself getting farther away from camp each summer. As our children grow and multiply it makes it harder to be completely immersed in the camp life. At the beginning of the summer I found myself tired, frustrated, and worn out from trying to be down in camp during the day. I had an ah-ha moment where I realized I don't have to go to meals down in camp. I can stay home. I can put my children's needs first and we will all be happier. Sure we miss seeing Doug during the day, but having a nutritious meal at home and good naps are pretty wonderful and make our days go so much smoother. 

It is just another part of the constant lesson I am learning in this whole motherhood thing. The lesson that my main ministry and purpose right now are Henry and Jack (and Doug). It is okay to say 'no'. To make sure I am not making myself unnecessarily tired and wiped out leaving nothing or very little to give to Doug and the boys. I have to look for creative ways to have impact outside of our home. I have really tried to focus on bringing people into our home and lives and minister to them here. Surrounded by blocks on the floor, loud boy voices, and highchairs. It is not glamorous in any way. But it is real. And just being open to what the Lord can do through us in this time of life is pretty exciting. 

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