Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Letters to my Boys:

Dear Doug,
I love when you do tricks on your dirt bike when you get home from work. I also loved walking outside and seeing you work with that grinder thing on the trailer. I still get butterflies in my belly watching you. And talking to you is one of the greatest things about being married to you. I love our conversations.

Dear Henry,
Last night we kept you up past your bedtime and let you play down in camp with friends. The whole way home you asked us questions to stay awake. Your questions and your sweet voice are so wonderful and I pray that I have the patience to always recognize this.

Dear Jack,
Last night you slept for several hours down in camp then we got home and you were wide eyed and super smiley. Just so happy to be awake and with us. Your sweet smile is almost more than I can handle at times.

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