Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Camp Out:

We decided to attempt a family camp out in our backyard for the 4th. Henry has camped one time before and loved it so really we were only concerned about how Jack would do. I would give the overall experience a B. We got some sleep and made some really fun memories.

We had hobo's for dinner and Henry cracked me up making his. He had to have a carrot in the middle of each onion. But then he added the potatoes so he took all the carrots out of the onions, added the potatoes, and then topped them with carrots. So cute.

We had smore's. Shot off some fireworks. And Henry and Doug played on bikes and skateboards until way past Henry's bedtime.

Henry only liked the 'quiet' fireworks and got really worried if they made too much noise. There were lots of tears when they were too loud. But he kept going right back for the sparklers. Lots of intense focus when he had them in his hands.

Once we were in the tent I told myself I would give them an hour to fall asleep. If they did not go to sleep in that hour we would call it a night and head inside to beds. I wrestled Jack for 45 minutes. He was so excited to be with us and he loved the sound of scratching the tent so he took a while to calm down. Doug laid by Henry and repeatedly told him to go to sleep. And finally, they both fell asleep!!!

We watched fireworks laying on the floor of the tent. It got cold during the night so I cuddled up to Doug and Jack cuddled up to me. Jack woke up bright eyed at 6:00 am with the birds. I brought him in to his crib and he fell back to sleep for two more hours, while I slept on the couch.

We finished the camp out with a pancake breakfast outside. It really was one of those perfect family memories. Low frustration and high quality of time together doing fun things. I am not about to attempt a camp out away from the comforts of home just yet. But our backyard was the perfect camp site for this stage in life.

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Ashley said...

You guys are such great parents. I love that you did this.