Monday, June 9, 2014

My Brain Only Functions In Random Lists at the Moment:

- Baby legs...need I say more?

- We survived the first week of summer camp and we are well on our way through our fourth summer here at camp. Summers fly really before we know it we will be having our end of the summer banquet and sending our favorite college aged people back to school. We are trying to enjoy the highs of summer camp and be diligent and patient through the hard things that come with the constant pace and the volume that comes with serving hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people three meals a day.

- And do you know what? Jack has stopped sleeping through the night. Perfect timing, son. I am just starting to think that my newborns know how to sleep really well and then they hit mid-baby stage and totally forget what they are doing in the sleep department. Henry did this and Jack is well on his way. I actually think it is teething. We are not capable of having a baby that can teeth with ease. For example, Henry has been cutting his two year molars for SIX MONTHS...I kid you not. And they are just now barely peeking through. I will weep tears of joy once all of my children have a mouth full of teeth. Big, fat, happy tears.

- Doug and I had a pretty perfect date night the other night. We went into town and got coffee, two movies, and two different brands of chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream. We came back home and had an ice-cream taste off. You will be shocked to know that Blue Bell beat the off Walgreens brand. The extra .50 is worth it. We sat on the couch and watched Secret Life of Walter Mitty and both teared up at the end. Even though Doug had figured out the ending halfway through the movie. It was a sweet movie and a fun night dating each other.

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