Thursday, June 26, 2014

Henry's (or all of us?!?) Getting Spoiled:

We are getting so spoiled this summer. Aunt Emily is close by and comes for a visit regularly. The other morning Henry woke up and the first thing he said was "Aunt Emmy sleeping in her room? I go see her?" and I had to break the news that she was not here and had left the night before.

We are also getting spoiled by the summer staff and Henry asks on a daily basis "my friends coming to play today?". There is a pretty constant stream of people in and out of our house and they generally stop and play with Henry for a little bit. He is loving the extra attention and I am enjoying the breaks from being Henry's only playmate.

And our cook Bill gets donations for a food kitchen he runs in town and often brings us some extras. Luckily for Henry, it is generally a box of fruit. Lots of blueberries and cherries. Henry's most favorite food of all.

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