Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!:

This Father's Day we celebrated with an electric razor gift and some alone time for Dad. Henry and Jack both show their love for their Dad in their own special way. Henry uses words, hugs, and lots of running to hug Dad when he gets home. Jack smiles the biggest smiles of the day when Dad looks at him and he loves to just stare at smile if Doug is in view. 

Doug helps change diapers, helps with the nightly bedtime battles, carries them around, feeds them, bathes them, reads books, builds towers, and works hard to provide for their needs. But more importantly, he lays in Henry's bed at night and they talk about their day, he hugs and kisses freely, engages in their world (even if it means building another blanket cave and pretend to pick strawberries for the thousandth time), prays for them and with them, and dreams up many wonderful adventures for just the boys to go on. 

He is intentional, relational, a comforting presence, he brings laugh and humor into our home, and he leads and loves so well. We are all so so so happy Doug is the leader of our family!

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