Sunday, June 22, 2014

Doug's High School Reunion:

This past weekend we attended Doug's high school reunion. I think normally these are the types of things that people reluctantly attend, but not Doug. He has been excited for it for months. He loved growing up as a Jenks Trojan and spent his school days making friends of all different kinds of people. We had a tour of the high school on Saturday afternoon. We sweated our way around the campus and got to see all of the crazy new buildings that have been built since Doug was there. It is a very impressive school. Perhaps we will have some little Trojans someday. Doug should would not mind.

On Saturday night we headed downtown for the reunion. A very common thing I heard from so many people was "you got a good one"...and I smiled and  nodded in agreement and beamed with pride. I love getting to be married to Doug and it was reaffirming to hear some many people echo those thoughts. Doug has a fierce love for people of all kinds and it was evident that night. Doug introduced me to people of all kinds and all people that he considered genuine friends. I left the reunion even more in love with my husband and his heart for friendships and people.

After the reunion we went to The Tavern with some folks. As I sat at a bar eating mac and cheese at midnight I felt like I was in a different world. It is so far from what I am use to. I was pushed out of my little comfortable zone of being around people practically just like me the majority of my day to day life. It was refreshing and challenging to enter other's lives and love them and meet them where they are at. Doug and I both left The Tavern tired (!) but challenged to be more intentional in other peoples lives. Especially those so different from us.

We had such a beautiful time together with his old friends. Lots of laughs were had, Doug and Lonnie kept circling around me and dancing, Doug danced his crazy dance and people were doubled over laughing, and we had the same conversation approximately a million times. It was a pretty perfect weekend.

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