Saturday, June 28, 2014

7 Months:


- You love love chewing on all the things you should not chew computer cords, our shoes, and Henry's wheels on his bike.
- You have quite the scream that tests our patience on a daily basis. It generally comes out when we are feeding you and you get frustrated because you want food faster or you would rather be chewing on the spoon. It is high pitched and makes our ears ring. So, maybe you could just bring it down a few notches.
- You are sleeping generally through the night. You go to bed around 8 and then nurse around 6 but go back to sleep until about 8. So that is really really wonderful. Thank you very much.
- You are eating more foods and have not turned your nose up at anything yet. The favorite is sweet potatoes. Other favorites foods: avocado, peas, and pears. And the pizza crust I gave you the other night to gnaw on was also a big hit.
- You are close to crawling but mainly just army crawl or rolling wherever you want to get. You get faster by the day.
- You can sit up in the cart at the store!! And in a high chair in a restaurant!! My favorite baby milestones. Still working on sitting up on the floor by yourself but thanks for mastering the highchair and the cart. And just like that my life has gotten ten times easier.
- The other night I was holding you and running through the yard kicking a ball with Henry and you laughed and laughed. It was such a sweet, deep belly laugh. You also like to be thrown in the air. And when Henry talks to you in a funny voice.
- Walking in to get you out of your crib after your nap or when you wake up in the morning is one of the best times in my day. You face lights up and you give the sweetest cuddles.
- Your father is working very hard on getting you to say 'Da-Da' and I hate to say it but you do. Not necessarily associated with Dad yet, but you love to sit and talk and 'Da-Da' is a favorite to say.

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