Thursday, June 5, 2014

2.5 Year Henry:

- Pretty much every time you get into bed you say "oh, its so comfy cozy in here"
- You know almost all of your ABC's. You get B, C, D, E, G all mixed up. But I don't blame you. They all sound almost exactly a like. When you see the letter K you say "K for Keena!" with a big smile on your face. And you say "H is for me". And you can count to the teens. It changes regularly how far you remember. You are a color and shapes pro.
- The obsession with diggers, dozers, and tractors continue. You say "When I get bigger. I going to drive tractors". You love to just sit and dig and dig with your little back hoe loader.
- You love your bike and zip around super fast and call it your dirt bike. I wonder why...
- Favorite books are : Pete the Cat and Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
- Some favorite foods: cherry tomatoes (which you call potatoes), fruit snacks, granola bars (which you call salad bars), cheese and crackers, popcorn, and sonic water with lime. But eat just about anything!
- Favorite shows/movies: Daniel Tiger, Frozen, and your Mighty Machines movie is still getting a lot of love.
- You love to paint, color, and draw in notebooks with pens and markers. Especially Sharpies. Somehow you know it is the one kind of marker I don't want you to color with because it will stain.
- You have a very kind and caring heart. Baby Abe was here the other night and was crying and you were very concerned. You brought him a baseball and a bat to try to help him stop crying. You are very aware when I am frustrated or upset. You are quick to ask "how you feelin', mama". You are also very concerned if we are sick or hurt. You continue to ask "mama, back hurts?".
- You are still not interested in potty training in any way shape or form. Every once in a while you will sit on your potty. But for love your diapers. And that is totally fine with me.
- You are very coordinated. You dribble a soccer ball around the yard, run super fast without falling, and climb up and down hills with ease.
- You are still very apprehensive around unknown people. Especially when they are pushy and want you to talk to them really bad. You are stand-offish and you only play and talk on your own terms. That usually means at our house with just a few people around.
- Your fits have lessened and we are not having to discipline nearly as much as we have had to in the past. You are starting to figure things out more and it is much easier to talk through things. And you often say "I get better." Which you are. And we are. And we all are getting better.
- You have started talking to yourself when you are playing and you like to try to have long conversations and tell us stories. I love watching your little mind work when this is happening.
- You ask on a daily basis what my favorite sport is and what certain animals eat [We saw a snake last night down in camp and during bedtime you asked "what do snake eat, again?" about 5 times in a 5 minute time frame]. You are hungry for information and facts.
- Hardest things lately: brushing your teeth continues to be a battle (just open your mouth and keep it open, son!!), listening to mom and dad especially when you are playing with another kid, not running away from us, and transitions from one thing to the next is hard.
- Best things lately: When we tuck you into bed at night your put your arm around our neck. It is the sweetest. Your dancing is awesome. Watching you play with other kids. How much you are drawn towards Jack and love running in to see him in the morning.

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