Friday, May 30, 2014

Trip to the Safari:

We took a day trip to the safari and it was pretty wonderful. We drove through the park and Henry loved getting to sit in the front with me and look out the window. Henry touched a cow. He fed a deer. And we all laughed watching the monkey's chase each other and play with their toys.

Right before we were leaving the lemur's started screaming so Doug went in the house to check them out. I stayed back with Jack and Henry ran ahead with Doug. He got spooked by the loud noises and turned to run out of the house and there was a huge peacock standing right in front of him. He was even more horrified and turned back around a ran to find Doug. He started sad screaming and we carried a very scared little boy out of the park. He was too traumatized at first to remember all the fun things we got to see and do and he just said "I scary. Lemurs are screaming". After talking about all the other fun things we did I think he is going to be able to remember our time without only thinking about how scared he got.

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