Monday, May 19, 2014

See ya Later Party for Alex and Jenn:

Our dear friends, Alex and Jenn are moving to Chicago at the end of the month. Boo Hoo. We had a 'see you later' party last night. [And look, I remembered to take pictures of our gathering with the real camera.It is a miracle!!] We smoked some chicken, Justin made homemade sausage, and we had ingredients to make Chicago hot dogs. Teresa brought her awesome guacamole and a caprese salad. Rhett and Jennifer brought cheese and crackers and a casserole. And Cheryl brought fresh fruit. (Which Henry and Watson would have eaten all of if we had let them!). To end the night we had cookie pie and ice-cream. It was a perfect potluck party. The best kind. The kind where you go back to the table for more food not once but twice or maybe even three times.

The kids played. And all took turns crying. But it was still fun and hopefully the friends without children will still consider having children after watching so many kids have meltdowns. They really are worth it all!! I promise. Justin took Henry on his first four-wheeler ride. Doug took some really wonderful pictures (I will let you guess which one I took and which ones he took) Justin posed for his outfit of the day picture. The weather was perfect with only a slight chill in the air. And we got to have lots of talk about all the fun details that go into moving across the country.

It was another one of those wonderful nights where we go to bed full of good conversations and fun with some of our very people in the whole world. We sure are going to miss having Alex and Jenn in the area. They are both such kind and caring friends. Thankfully we know the way to Chicago very well and we will make a trip in the future to see their new life there. We love you, Alex and Jenn!

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