Tuesday, May 20, 2014


- I feel this time of year in my belly and head. We are pushed, tired, and Doug is working super overtime which means I am working super overtime. There are certain mental roads that we just can't walk down so we keep pushing and moving forward and soaking up the time that we are all together as a family.

- Another thing that makes me sick to my stomach...Thunder playoff basketball games. I get too nervous to even watch them.

- Henry got to ride on lawn mower with Dad for the first time the other day. He had his nervous/excited/cautious look on his face the whole time. Except when they would go by the window and he would smile and wave to me.

- I keep forgetting how much stronger and bigger Jack is. I pulled out the walker toy the other day about three months after Henry had been playing in it at this stage. All these developmental milestones are whizzing by this time around and I truly keep forgetting how much Jack is capable of doing.

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Ashley said...

Jack really is growing so fast! He looks so much like you!

I know how tough summer can be for you guys. Thinking of you and I hope I get to see you soon!