Thursday, May 1, 2014

Family of Four:

We have been a family of four for five months now. Overall the transition from one to two has been much easier and smoother than zero to one. A lot of that having to do with the Jack's personality and temperament . But mostly because this was already our world. Babies, toddlers, diapers, feeding, interrupted sleep, etc. Zero to one all of this was new. We were nervous. We were charting new territory. There is something wonderfully comforting having already walked the newborn/baby road. We are enjoying Jack more than we enjoyed Henry. There is a confidence that was completely missing the first time around. And really it is nice to have to divide our time, energy, thoughts, emotions etc between two children. In a way, it is rather freeing to not have the time or energy to obsess over just one child. That is way more taxing on one's mind in my opinion. 

There are hard things of course. Like nap times are way harder. Having to carry one in the your arms and chase the other one who struggles with listening and staying close by. The looooong parent days. You start early and go right up until the dream feed around 10 and then crash into bed. Two little ones that take turns interrupting sleep. When they are both screaming, one in each room, and I am literally standing in the hallway between the two of them trying to decide who to tend to and how to make them stop. Grocery shopping or anything out and about really. Car seats and buckling not one but two children into car seats. 

But, really it is so so good. I am blessed and overwhelmed on a daily basis that I have TWO sons. They love each other so much and already have developed a very sweet brother relationship. I love watching Doug be a great dad to both Henry and Jack. I get twice the kisses and hugs now. And we are becoming more of the family God has for us to be. I would not trade this life for anything. My heart and life are so so full. 

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