Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dad and Henry Camping Trip:

Doug and Henry went camping together a few weeks ago. It was decided the first camping trip should take place right down the road from our house. That way home would be close if they needed to come home in the middle of the night. They graciously allowed Jack and I to join them for dinner but I could tell they were both ready for mom to leave.

I might try to convince Doug to write a post with his pictures from his phone about what actually happened since I was not there. I do know that they had a great time. That Henry got a little nervous but they talked about it and he decided to stay and sleep in the tent. And that Henry had his first smore and his first taste of Dr.Pepper!!

I came home with Jack and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. I talked to Bethany on the phone for an hour. Watched tv. And went to bed early. I was woken up the next morning to loud banging on our bedroom window because I had locked the boys out and Doug's phone had died and I slept through the door bell ringing. Oops.

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