Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bragging About my Husband:

Can I brag on my sweet husband for a moment? Feel free to just skip this post if you aren't into this kind of thing. But, seriously...I have got it super good in the husband department. Some examples...

- He sent me an e-mail the other day with a first draft of his summer schedule and he asked me to look over it because me and the boys are his top priority and he wanted to make sure his work schedule reflected that.

- I have had to go to the chiropractor twice a week for several weeks now and he is always willing to come watch the boys while I go to my appointments.

- He calls me "lady bird". Which is way better than my previous nick-name, "pickle bean". And it makes me laugh every time.

- I walked in on a conversation he was having with Henry about "how awesome mom is". And they were talking about all the things they like about me.

- He helps me load the boys into their car seats pretty much every single time we leave a meal in the dining hall.

- He fixed our front screen door. This deserves it own point because it is such a huge deal to have a door that does not squeak and a door that closes all the way. He sure is handy.

- And he is hands down the hardest worker I know. It is not possible for him to do his job half-way. Even when it is frustrating and it would be easy to take short-cuts...he never does. People like working for him because he cares for them and leads by serving them.

He is pretty wonderful...

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