Wednesday, May 14, 2014

6 Year Anniversary :

Emily was in town and offered to watch the boys so we could go on a date. We took her up on her offer and went to dinner in town to celebrate six years of marriage. I ordered a burger and fries and Doug ordered the Salmon. We ended up eating half and switching meals. It was a perfect anniversary date.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and I love to watch our's grow, change, and deepen.  It is amazing that you really can keep falling more in love with a person over years and years. It is going to be all kinds of crazy love after we have been married for sixty plus years. We often say "we have a good thing going on"...and we really do.

I got Doug a ticket to see Conor Oberst in September and he got me a new cookbook.

Year Six Highlights: birth of Jack!!, seeing Martin Short, family walks in the fall, our trip to Arizona, OU beating Alabama (especially since Doug still watches a highlight video from that game!), and our couples babymoon to Branson with the Odom's.


Katie said...

good work on the Conor Oberst ticket! and happy anniversary lovebirds. six years!!

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that Doug still watches highlights from that game. That sounds about right :)