Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 months:

Oh, Jack Douglas. You have our hearts.
- You smile so easily. And we will never get tired of seeing your sweet smile. Pretty much every single time you see Dad and lock eyes with him you give a giggle. You love your dad. And the other day I was holding you and getting Henry out of the car seat and you locked eyes with Henry and just started laughing. He started laughing, so you two went back and forth for several minutes. Best brother moment to date.
- You are still rockin' breast milk only. Solids are in our near future but you are happy so we are just going this route for a little while longer. Easier for you and me.
- You get super noisy when you are tired and are trying to fall asleep. It is your way of fighting sleep for sure. Not necessarily screaming crying but just loud, squawk-y, noise.
- You are a rolling machine. Front to back, back to front, all over the room rolling.
- Your favorite toy is your play mat with birds.
- You love chewing on anything. Especially blankets and your hands.
- Your general daily schedule is: wake and eat at 6 am, fall back asleep, wake around 8, eat, nap around 10, eat, play, nap around 2, eat, play, sleep around 7:30, eat around 10, sleep for the night.
- One of my favorite things you do right now is play with your feet. So precious.
- You fit perfectly in our family and everyday we love watching you grow and change and learn more and more. You make each day brighter and better! We love you.

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