Friday, April 4, 2014

Truth for Today & My Favorite Two Year Old:

Joshua 22:20:
Love the Lord your God
walk in all his ways
obey his commands
hold firmly to Him
and serve Him with all your heart and soul.

This verse jumped off the page several months ago and I just keep coming back to it. It is a quick and convicting reminder of how I need to spend my days and where my focus should be. Especially in the midst of a busy house and "life" happening. Especially when life can be tiring, frustrating, and overwhelming. We hold firmly to Him.

And, my favorite two-year-old. Sure the two year old melt downs and disobedience are exhausting. But the words, the funny facial expressions, his imagination, the way he runs and plays, the love he freely gives now is all really just so wonderful. I find myself constantly amazed by him. And the good moments are far greater than the hard moments. I am loving life with a two year old in our house.

He also informed me the other day that when he grows up he wants to be a football player, basketball player, baseball player, ice skater, fire fighter, and a builder. Seriously the cutest.

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