Monday, April 14, 2014

This Past Week:

- Made chocolate banana muffins which tasted more like cupcakes. I sure did not mind.
- Drove back and forth across Oklahoma highways many times. We had our vision dinners here at camp this week so there were several road trips. Henry loved spending time with Pop Pop and Ju Ji and Grandma and Cousin Anson. We loved seeing dear dear friends and not having to cook two dinners.
- The weather has been pretty perfect so we have spent lots of time outside. Henry hopping between his bike and his car. Digging in the dirt. Building a "mouse house" (?). And two picnic lunches.
- I have been going to the chiropractor in town thanks to a back sprain from the car wreck. I am always tempted to fall asleep in the quiet room. But  I have stayed awake every time so far. Even though the ladies that work in there always talk about how it is like a trip to spa since I have young kids at home. They are great and we are hoping this lil' back injury heals up real quick.
- We had Rhett and Jennifer over for skillet lasagna. Rhett and Henry played for over an hour. Like running, chasing, hard playing. Henry crashed that night. Thankful for friends that play with our kids and thankful for an easy bedtime.

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Ashley said...

It was sooooo wonderful to see you guys. I am so glad we did coffee - totally worth staying up late. We miss you guys like crazy :)

I hope the back heals up soon too!