Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Not Much Margin":

This happens on a daily basis. And it never gets old. And it makes my heart so happy. Brothers.

And, we have been pushed and tapped out lately. Nothing major. In Doug's words "not much margin". Just life and the busy busy spring season here at camp. I feel like most days my mind is spinning constantly. Praying lots. Reading the same scripture over and over [Deut 31:6, if you care to know]. Leaving the laundry and other things I need to do inside and just going outside to play and watch Henry play. Trying to sleep when we can. Making the cookie recipe I have memorized because it is comfortable. Looking and finding blessings all around even with so many unknowns swirling.

(and we have listened to Pharrell Williams, Happy, like a million times. Try to stay in a bad mood while that song is on and a two year old is dancing around your kitchen. I dare you.)

The other night Doug challenged us to use our evenings better. Like not sit behind screens for hours zoned out and then going to bed later than we want. So we did a yoga video together and then read and went to bed early. It was good and I kept laughing during the video because it just felt funny. We need to do more of that.

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