Wednesday, April 2, 2014


- We have been enjoying Parenthood and Brooklyn Nine Nine. One makes me cry. One makes me laugh.
- We keep eating mexican food. Like quesadillas one night, burritos for lunch, and tacos for dinner. Like three days in a row. So simple and so good, but a little embarrassing.
- Camp is getting a bit busier, but thanks to Doug's awesome staff, his schedule has still been manageable. We have taken several after dinner walks and had some mornings where we all wake up together. Simple, but wonderful things.
- I have started to read Harry Potter. I am almost finished with book 1. I have started them before, but only made it to half way thru the 4th book. Here's to hoping I can finish the race.
- Henry has started this thing where he asks for a high five, then elbows [touch each other's elbow's], then hammers [make a fist and pretend to hammer each other's hands], then screwdrivers [he puts one finger out and moves it between your fingers]. I hope I explained those all well, because it is awesome.
- Jack rolled over the other day for the first time and Henry was the only witness. I did find Jack face down on the floor so I know it happened. But Henry was the only one who saw it happen. He even knew that it was a big moment and came and got me to come see.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I really want to watch Brooklyn 99, but it's not on Netflix yet :( Boo. Maybe we'll get cable someday! I would LOVE to see Henry's handshake-thing!