Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Bike:

Henry got this bike for Christmas. He tried to ride it a few times but got frustrated because he could not figure out how to ride. It has been parked in our garage for a few months. Within the past few weeks he picked it back up and has figured it out. It is our new current toy obsession. He loves to ride it in the house and run it into the cabinets and almost run into me (and laugh). Outside he loves to ride it on the trails and ride in circles in the driveway. Going "super fast" is also a favorite. He is a bike pro.

Something as simple as a bike is a constant reminder of how fast he changes and grows. His coordination and determination have improved. And in general he is just bigger, faster, and stronger than he was a few months ago. It makes me excited to think about what he will have mastered a few months from now. (In my dreams he would master buckling himself into his car seat. )

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