Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We celebrated Easter with just our family a few days early. We called it Family Easter Night. A very original name if you ask me. We made resurrection rolls [you dip a marshmallow in butter, roll it in sugar and cinnamon, and roll it up in a crescent roll. bake according to the directions on the package. Once finished baking the marshmallow is gone!] Doug read the Easter story. We colored Easter Eggs. And of course, we listened to Keith Green's Easter Song. It was a special night. 

Easter weekend we headed to Tulsa. Greg was in town for a business trip, so we loved getting to introduce him to Jack and Henry loved playing with 'Uncle 'Reg'. Henry and Anson played long and hard together. We had pizza with Pop Pop and JuJi at Brad and Jeanette's house. Went to two Easter services on Sunday. Hunted eggs. Had two kinds of roast beef and three kinds of gravy with Grandpa and Grandma. Got a decent family picture with a Henry smile by bribing with jelly beans. And all family members until the age of 2 avoided and fought naps the entire weekend. We got home on Sunday night tired but full from family time.

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