Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These two...

Our dear friend, Esther, has done it again. She has blessed us tremendously with some new pictures of our family. She is always so patient with our non-smiling active toddler and works quickly in the windy conditions for the baby. She is such a blessing to our lives and one very very talented photographer!

I think I almost cried when I saw this picture of Henry. He looks so big to me here. The look on his little face. His hair. His eyes. All of it. So big and old. He has been so much fun the past few days. Last week we had one of the hardest longest mornings in the history of two year old Henry. But ever sense then, he has been much more pleasant, cooperative, and fun to be around. I told Doug that hopefully he hit his peak (for this stage anyways) and maybe we are on the down hill. This past week he has been pretending animals are chasing him around the house (buffalo's and hedgehogs mainly), counting to ten, and asking for rockin' music on a daily basis.

And our sweet (old man) baby Jack. He has always looked a lot like my Grandpa Melivn. So these pictures of him make him really look like an old man to me. And in the absolute best way of course. He is still our sweet little one who makes us all smile every single day. This past week he has filled way more than average diapers full of poop, learned the game patty cake, and cried his way through the church service on Sunday. Typical almost three month old behavior.

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