Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Doug's Birthday Weekend:

These are the only three pictures I took the entire weekend. I documented pretty poorly this year if you ask me. 

Doug and I had a few hours boy-less! We went to the mall to look for some shoes for Doug. The mall was crazy crazy busy and we left empty handed. But we did enjoy time alone together and enjoyed running into a few friends. 

We met up for dinner with Karen and the O'Hara's. We ate buffalo wings, chatted about babies and toddlers, wrangled toddlers in highchairs, and Doug enjoyed a free piece of cake. (And they didn't even sing to him!)

We woke up on Sunday to snow coming down and a sick toddler. We had made it two years and two months without any throw-up. The streak came to an end this weekend. Henry has never really been sick, so he had a hard time knowing how to be sick. He would get sick, then feel better, then ask to eat all kinds of things he could not have, then jump around, then get sick again, and the cycle continued throughout the day. 

Grandma came to the rescue and offered to keep Henry home with her so we could go to the Odom's to watch the Super Bowl. We brought pizza and salad and Emily had a muffin with a candle for Doug and brownies and ice-cream. We had the game on the entire time, but really we just talked and played with Libby. Doug had Libby laughing really hard about what a chicken says. We talked about home loans, traveling with kids in cars, and what we would do with 1.5 million dollars. The hangout time with the Odom's saved Doug's birthday. 

And, isn't Doug just the best. I have been so impressed and challenged by him this past year. A lot has happened from year 27 to 28.  He has grown and matured in big ways and I am so blessed to be the one that has gotten to watch this take place. He pushes me to be a better person and to try new things. He is a good one I tell ya. 

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