Friday, February 28, 2014

27 Months:

Henry, you...
- are going through a rough sleeping patch. Naps are hard to come by and if you do fall asleep the longest you stay asleep is about an hour. And nights, let's just say, you love your freedom of your toddler bed and you find your way into our way multiple times every night. You tell us "I so scary" and it makes us weak and so you are allowed to sleep on the floor side by our bed.
- love strawberries, frozen blueberries, cheese, and pancakes most of all.
- love love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. You ask us to sing the intro song and the other night we went on a date and you sang the little tune "grown-ups come back" to us. You also are a fan of Elmo's world and you wave and say "bye Elmo" every time it is over.
- are a great big brother. Jack loves talking to you and watching you. He thinks you are the best.
- love your books still. This kid's dictionary from the 90's that I found at a thrift store, remains one of your favorites.
- will play with a pan full of beans and dried pasta and your diggers for at least 10 minutes alone. This is a long time in your world.
- love to build blocks and will tell us you want to "build the biggest tower in the whole wide world"
- are still pretty apprehensive in unknown social settings. You take a while to warm up, but once you do, you love the attention. At home, you warm up much faster and love to entertain and make people laugh.
- have shown zero interest in potty training. In fact, you cry for a diaper if I don't put one on fast enough. You are also very addicted to your paci's. You still need two to sleep. One in the mouth, one to rub on your face. We will tackle these things later. Maybe once you are sleeping better at night and we are able to see straight during the day.
- love going to your 'class' at church and walk right in most times. You love playing with other kids and you tell us every time that you 'shared toys'.
- love to pretend. One of your favorites is to go under a blanket and you call it your cave. You pick strawberries from the enchanted garden (another Daniel Tiger reference) and then make pancakes. You also like to pretend to reach in your pocket and give us money.
- are still working on your two year molars. Teething is a long, rough journey for you. We are getting close though. Hang in there, buddy, only four more teeth to go!
- continue to make each day better and brighter. I still miss you when we are apart for even an hour (even though I also greatly enjoy that time). You are the best first born son I could have ever asked for.
- knows all his colors, shapes, counts to 13, and recognizes about half of the alphabet