Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two is Hard:

Henry has been two for two whole months now..and they have been challenging two months. We say "it is hard being two" on a daily basis around our house. On a particularly hard day, Doug kept the mood light by saying that we felt like Henry was feeling called to over seas missions and we were going to send him to Thailand to be a missionary. Grandma stepped in and told us to send him to her before we sent him overseas.

Oh, we love the little guy. More than we did a year ago, because the love really does grow. But he sure is stretching us in the sleep department, (yes, our newborn has slept better than his older brother for his entire life) in the discipline department, and in patience.

The fits have been at an all time high. Like a melt down screaming fit because he cannot have breath mints for breakfast or the same reaction when I have to take a shower. We have thankfully been able to figure out some ways to shorten the length of these fits.  But it is hard for him and for us to never know what is going to set him off. I told Doug the other day that I am so mentally tired at the end of every day because I feel like all day I have to mentally try to stay two steps ahead of Henry and his needs and wants. At least I am working my brain throughout the day.

Having a two year old (or a child of any age for that matter) in the house is stretching and challenging. Not just in the area of raising the child, but in realizing how much of myself I see in him. I throw fits when I don't get my way, they look different, but they are still fits. I am constantly being challenged to think through my actions and attitude when I don't get my way. Henry is watching. He is going to pick up on how I handle these situations. Just like he needs me to help him learn how to handle his emotions and he needs me to shower him with love and patience on a daily basis, I need the Lord to show me love and patience and discipline. And thankfully, He does that perfectly. Every single day. So, even though I screw up and am not near the perfect parent. I am forever grateful to have a heavenly Father that is.

If you think you have all your stuff together and don't have a kid. Have one. They will quickly show you many heart issues that need to be worked on. I am so thankful to be on this road. Even when it is hard and ugly. I am thankful for the ways the Lord uses my challenging two year old to push me to His arms and truth everyday.


Claire@MyDevising said...

Totally get you on this one!

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Beautiful post! I love the way that being a mom has stretched you. I can't wait to see what Henry is like in 15 years :)