Friday, January 10, 2014

Sit and Be Still:

Henry was outside playing a few weeks ago in the dirt. One of his most favorite things to do. I had Jack strapped to me in his carrier and I was pacing around the yard and through the garage. Keeping an eye out for Henry but mainly just pacing and unsettled. I realized in that moment that I struggle with sitting and not always "doing" something. When we are inside there is always something for me to be doing. When we are outside, there is not much for me do but supervise. I grabbed a chair and forced myself to sit and watch Henry play. It turned into a beautiful time of me watching the world my two year old was experiencing and spending time in prayer for him and for his life.

This struggle has continued since then. The struggle of being present and being patient. When I am distracted on tasks (or my stupid phone or computer) I get unnecessarily frustrated with the interruptions that a toddler and a newborn inevitably bring. Instead, if I am present and connected to their needs when they arise my attitude towards helping is much more willing and able.

I have a whole lot of work to do in this area. I need to be on the floor more with Henry and playing with him instead of working around him. I need to just sit and be still with Jack instead of getting him to sleep and putting him down in his crib so I can keep going. It really is true, they are only this little once.

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