Sunday, January 5, 2014

Henry and Jack:

Henry has some serious love for his little brother. We had prepared for it to be a hard transition, but overall it has gone really went very well. I have never seen Henry get as excited as he did to meet Jack.

The hardest thing has been trying to teach how to love Jack but give him space at the same time. For some reason Henry loves to lay his head on Jack's body and have his face right in Jack's. It is sweet, but Jack is not exactly a fan of being smashed by his brother.

There are so many sweet things about these two. Henry asks Jack each morning if he 'sleep well, Jack?'

Henry will tell Jack "luv you so much" to Jack but never to Doug or I without us asking. He also gives Jack real kisses, and yet again is something that Doug and I have never received unless we ask for one.

When we drive up to our house, from the backseat we hear Henry say "Henry house. Mama house. Dada house." The first time we drove up to our house after having Jack, Henry quickly added "baby Jack house" to the list. He really knows that Jack is here in our house and family to stay.

I love thinking about these two boys growing up together. It is bound to be loud, crazy, energy filled, and full of lots of love and laughter.

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Claire@MyDevising said...

This made me teary. :) I'm hoping Duke will respond in this same way to his new sister in May.