Friday, January 24, 2014

Alex and Jenn's Wedding:

Doug went up to Sedona to be in Alex and Jenn's wedding. I stayed behind with the boys. It was for the best, but I absolutely hated not being able to go. Doug told me last night that he wished I had been there but that he was glad that the boys were not there. It made me laugh.

From what I have been told the wedding was beautiful. Everything went perfectly. Lots of good conversations were had. Good food was eaten. Dancing happened. And the only girl Doug danced with was with Amelia, a nine month old cutie.

Thankfully all the other wives were there so I did get to see some pictures of the festivities. Cheryl sent me this one from the wedding. It makes my heart so happy to see my husband surrounded by such great men. Our friendships with these people (and their wives) are more than we deserve. They make life a whole lot more fun. And it is really crazy to think that we have been friends with most of these people for the past ten years.


Benjamin and Jaime said...

I so appreciated Doug dancing with Amelia so Ben and I could dance together. We missed having you there and I really missed seeing the boys!

Erin said...

So fun! I'm jealous every time! Love you friend!!