Friday, January 31, 2014

Best Dad:

These pictures were taken approximately two minutes after Doug got home from work the other night. It is a tremendous blessing to me and to our boys that once he walks through the door after work he is excited to see us and is ready to be Dad. Henry is always very ready to have Dad home for some rough and tough active play after being with Mom all day painting, reading, baking, and watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

I have said it many many times but really truly Henry and Jack have a spectacular dad.

Two Months:

Jack you are:
- 12 lbs 7 ounces and 24 3/4 inches long
- such a pleasant baby. It is easy spending time with you because you are just so sweet.
- smiling at us lots which makes our hearts so happy.
- winning us over also with your talking and sweet coo's
- sleeping from about 10 at night until about 6 in the morning. Way to go!
- eating about every three hours.
- taking naps in your crib during the day.
- still sleeping in our room at night because I like you next to me in your crib.
- just about the sweetest baby. we are so in love with you.

Henry at two months.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two is Hard:

Henry has been two for two whole months now..and they have been challenging two months. We say "it is hard being two" on a daily basis around our house. On a particularly hard day, Doug kept the mood light by saying that we felt like Henry was feeling called to over seas missions and we were going to send him to Thailand to be a missionary. Grandma stepped in and told us to send him to her before we sent him overseas.

Oh, we love the little guy. More than we did a year ago, because the love really does grow. But he sure is stretching us in the sleep department, (yes, our newborn has slept better than his older brother for his entire life) in the discipline department, and in patience.

The fits have been at an all time high. Like a melt down screaming fit because he cannot have breath mints for breakfast or the same reaction when I have to take a shower. We have thankfully been able to figure out some ways to shorten the length of these fits.  But it is hard for him and for us to never know what is going to set him off. I told Doug the other day that I am so mentally tired at the end of every day because I feel like all day I have to mentally try to stay two steps ahead of Henry and his needs and wants. At least I am working my brain throughout the day.

Having a two year old (or a child of any age for that matter) in the house is stretching and challenging. Not just in the area of raising the child, but in realizing how much of myself I see in him. I throw fits when I don't get my way, they look different, but they are still fits. I am constantly being challenged to think through my actions and attitude when I don't get my way. Henry is watching. He is going to pick up on how I handle these situations. Just like he needs me to help him learn how to handle his emotions and he needs me to shower him with love and patience on a daily basis, I need the Lord to show me love and patience and discipline. And thankfully, He does that perfectly. Every single day. So, even though I screw up and am not near the perfect parent. I am forever grateful to have a heavenly Father that is.

If you think you have all your stuff together and don't have a kid. Have one. They will quickly show you many heart issues that need to be worked on. I am so thankful to be on this road. Even when it is hard and ugly. I am thankful for the ways the Lord uses my challenging two year old to push me to His arms and truth everyday.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jack's Baby Shower:

Here at camp there are always babies being born. It is fun to be surrounded by a community so full of pregnant ladies and babies. Especially since that is the stage of life we are in currently. The other night we had a baby shower for future baby girl Palmer and for Jack. We ate ice-cream, drank coffee, played a game, and passed Jack around. It was another reminder of the huge blessing these people are to our family.

And, I am all for joined showers. Less attention just on me is my kind of shower.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mom & Dad and Jack:

I love when I remember to grab our real camera when the sun is setting. These pictures with our babies are so precious to me and I hope they are special to them one day. We love our baby Jack and having him in our family adds to the crazy but we would not trade the crazy for anything else. He fits perfectly into our lives.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Alex and Jenn's Wedding:

Doug went up to Sedona to be in Alex and Jenn's wedding. I stayed behind with the boys. It was for the best, but I absolutely hated not being able to go. Doug told me last night that he wished I had been there but that he was glad that the boys were not there. It made me laugh.

From what I have been told the wedding was beautiful. Everything went perfectly. Lots of good conversations were had. Good food was eaten. Dancing happened. And the only girl Doug danced with was with Amelia, a nine month old cutie.

Thankfully all the other wives were there so I did get to see some pictures of the festivities. Cheryl sent me this one from the wedding. It makes my heart so happy to see my husband surrounded by such great men. Our friendships with these people (and their wives) are more than we deserve. They make life a whole lot more fun. And it is really crazy to think that we have been friends with most of these people for the past ten years.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Arizona Trip 2014:

Some of our good friends, Alex and Jenn, got married this past weekend in Sedona, AZ. We decided to make a family trip out of it and drove across the country. I stayed in Phoenix and spent time with Granny and Grandpa in their winter home. My mom had already planned a trip down at the same time so it was extra special to all be together for a few days.

The Highlight List:
- We really don't mind long car trips. Doug and I have done several in our relationship. We are hoping our boys figure them out and learn to enjoy them as well. There were some rocky moments but we did it. And Doug and I were able to enjoy lots of good long car conversations. It is for sure the best thing about driving for 20 hours.
- Watching Henry love spending time with Granny and Grandpa and Gram. I loved hearing him laugh with Granny as she chased him around the trailer trying to kiss him, watching him play games and go on walks with Granny and Gram, seeing him make Grandpa a burrito out of play dough and sharing it with him, pool time with Gram, hearing him ask each morning at the hotel to go to Granny and Grandpa's house. I have so many precious memories like these from my childhood and I love thinking about our kids having the same memories with grandparents.
- Henry and Grandpa watching Henry's favorite digger and dozer movie together.
- The king sized bed in our hotel room. There were many early morning moments and naps where we were all four cuddled in.
- One morning we went to a park that had a few rides and games. The look on Henry's face when the cars started moving around was priceless. He was in awe.
- A trip to Trader Joe's with Granny and Mom.
- Church on Sunday. It is always a treat to get to go to church since our life here at camp prevents us from going regularly.
- After church we tried to visit a Fire Truck Museum but we never made it thanks to a marathon downtown that had all the roads closed. But mom and I did have some great car conversations and Henry had a great car nap.
- The simple things like walks around the RV park, watching football with Grandpa, Henry helping Granny and Grandpa scoop ice-cream for dessert, sitting in the AZ sun, conversations on their porch, drive thru Starbucks, kisses on the head from Grandpa, and a really good lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

There were (many) moments when Henry was being two or stressful times in the car trying to find gas stations or when we were fighting trying to get naps when I thought that we were just out right crazy for making this trip. But it was so worth it. It is much harder to do things with a toddler and a baby but I would not want to miss out on these times and memories just because it is harder. The sweet moments make it all worth it.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Table Doug Built:

We were given a coffee table when we got married. We moved it several times and used it all the time. But then Henry started walking and climbing and I was nervous he would bash his head on the corners and our current living is very small and it was taking up too much floor space, so I sold it. For the past several months I will get a glass of water and put it on the floor by the couch since we have not had a table to put it on. Almost every single time it gets knocked over and leaves a wet spot on the carpet. This has been frustrating Doug for months. Finally one day he stated "I am building you a table to put your cups of water on".

Enter this table.

He used his new kreg jig that he got for Christmas and kept coming into the house and telling me how awesome his new tool is. He even built a drawer for the front to keep our remotes in. I got the fun job of picking out a cute knob for the front. Anthropologie had 50% off all sale items so I was able to get the knob for $1.20.

You will also be glad to know that I have not spilled any water on the carpet since the table has been built. Even though I have spilled my water on the table.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sit and Be Still:

Henry was outside playing a few weeks ago in the dirt. One of his most favorite things to do. I had Jack strapped to me in his carrier and I was pacing around the yard and through the garage. Keeping an eye out for Henry but mainly just pacing and unsettled. I realized in that moment that I struggle with sitting and not always "doing" something. When we are inside there is always something for me to be doing. When we are outside, there is not much for me do but supervise. I grabbed a chair and forced myself to sit and watch Henry play. It turned into a beautiful time of me watching the world my two year old was experiencing and spending time in prayer for him and for his life.

This struggle has continued since then. The struggle of being present and being patient. When I am distracted on tasks (or my stupid phone or computer) I get unnecessarily frustrated with the interruptions that a toddler and a newborn inevitably bring. Instead, if I am present and connected to their needs when they arise my attitude towards helping is much more willing and able.

I have a whole lot of work to do in this area. I need to be on the floor more with Henry and playing with him instead of working around him. I need to just sit and be still with Jack instead of getting him to sleep and putting him down in his crib so I can keep going. It really is true, they are only this little once.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the Moment with Henry:

- He will push one of the big couch cushions down on the couch and sit behind it and pretend to use his computer. He says that he is looking at tools and cars. Can you guess who he might be copying?

- He uses my cake decorator as a drill and moves around the kitchen drawers drilling. And my cheese grater is a digger in his world.

- Every time Abby's Flying Fairy School comes on Sesame Street he gets a big smile and says "mama no like abby chool". Which is very true, I don't like it at all.

- The other day I was listening to worship music in the car and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Henry closing his eyes rocking back and forth.

- He thinks "Mr.Porcupine" is hilarious. And loves when Doug pretends to start a lawn mower on his belly.

- When we tell him to stay in his bed and not come into our room before 6 am, he laughs. This is not funny, son. For the love, please stay in your room until 6.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


- We have had lots of cold and snowy weather so far this winter. Which means, we have spent lots of time inside. It has been okay so far and the troops have not gotten to stir crazy yet. Ask again in February and we might have a different answer.

- Doug has been working hard on his classes for his Master's degree. He is so close to be finished and it will be so nice to have that degree. Only a test and his capstone project to go.

- Henry has been working on his two year molars. And we have been working on having extreme amounts of patience for an extremely difficult and irritable two year old. These molars have taken teething to a whole new level and I think it is safe to say we are ready to have our Henry back.

- I have had little to no desire to cook and make meals since Jack has been born. We are surviving on frozen pizzas, turkey sandwiches, and random frozen meals in our freezer. I did make a batch of blueberry muffins yesterday so maybe I am slowly getting my desire to be in the kitchen back.

- Oh, and Henry and Jack both continue to get bigger by the day. The nerve.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Annual Christmas Party:

One of my very favorite things we do here as a staff is our annual Christmas party. We have a real homemade meal, a trivia game, and fun give-a-ways. Doug has hosted the night the past several years, so of course, he is hilarious and there are lots of laughs throughout the evening. It is always a fun time together as a staff. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Henry and Jack:

Henry has some serious love for his little brother. We had prepared for it to be a hard transition, but overall it has gone really went very well. I have never seen Henry get as excited as he did to meet Jack.

The hardest thing has been trying to teach how to love Jack but give him space at the same time. For some reason Henry loves to lay his head on Jack's body and have his face right in Jack's. It is sweet, but Jack is not exactly a fan of being smashed by his brother.

There are so many sweet things about these two. Henry asks Jack each morning if he 'sleep well, Jack?'

Henry will tell Jack "luv you so much" to Jack but never to Doug or I without us asking. He also gives Jack real kisses, and yet again is something that Doug and I have never received unless we ask for one.

When we drive up to our house, from the backseat we hear Henry say "Henry house. Mama house. Dada house." The first time we drove up to our house after having Jack, Henry quickly added "baby Jack house" to the list. He really knows that Jack is here in our house and family to stay.

I love thinking about these two boys growing up together. It is bound to be loud, crazy, energy filled, and full of lots of love and laughter.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Things to Do in 2014:

1. Build a sandbox (Doug)
2. Learn how to use the potty (Henry)
3. Say farewell to the paci for good (Henry)
4. Listen to a sermon podcast together once a week (Doug and Danae)
5. Write out the boys birth stories (Danae)
6. Print out favorite instagram pictures (Danae)
7. Visit all the grandparents (Doug, Danae, Henry, and Jack)
8. Complete a triathlon (Doug)
9. Read the entire Harry Potter Series (Danae)
10. Buy a sectional sofa (Doug and Danae)
11. Finish a Master's degree (Doug)
12. Go to Sesame Street Live (Doug, Danae, Henry)
13. Dad and Henry camping trip
14. Send a bouquet of flowers to a friend or family member