Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our First Night:


I am so thankful for phones that have cameras. It is crazy to think about how many more pictures our children will have of their childhood compared to ours and even more than my parents childhood. I love how easily we can capture these moments.

Jack was born around 5:00 pm.  [I am sure our doctor appreciated us not making him have to wait around forever after the work day to have our baby.] That first night was mainly just Doug, Jack, and I. Karen came up to the hospital for about an hour, but other than that it was just us. And it was awesome. We rested. I was able to comfortably recover without having to worry about being visitor ready. And we were able to just be together. Doug went and got us Wendy's for dinner. We watched t.v. Took a million pictures. Talked to long distance family members on the phone. And we took turns holding our littlest boy. It was such special time before reality hit and we were back at home facing daily life of work and keeping up with Henry and all his needs.

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