Thursday, December 5, 2013

Henry's "Party":

We had a mini birthday party for Henry this past weekend. I feel funny even calling it a party. We had both Grandma's here and cousin Anson and Aunt Grace. Super simple, but all that this mom who had a baby four days before could handle. I am glad we waited to do his party until after the baby came. It was great having my mom and sister here and I think Henry loved having some extra attention in the first week of new baby brother coming home.

I forgot to even get birthday party plates and napkins so we dug around and I found one fun plate in the shape of an elephant and turkey napkins from three years ago. We had berries and my mom made monkey bread. The joke quickly became "post this on pinterest" because it was clearly not well thought out or well planned like so many kids birthday parties are these days thanks to pinterest.

Henry ate berries for about 30 minutes straight. He was scared of the candles at first, but with Gram's help was able to blow them out. And there was a good outside play session with Anson after we opened gifts. It was a fun and special mini-party celebrating our favorite two year old.

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