Friday, December 13, 2013

Thoughts on the First Two Weeks, Take 2:

- We have watched waaaay more t.v. than usual during the day. Giving myself grace and reminding myself that it is only a short phase where I am so tired and feel like I am constantly feeding.
- I feel better faster this time around. Still not all fun and games, but that is what postpartum is I suppose.
- Henry loves loves loves his brother and seeing him love Jack is wonderful.
- Having Jack makes me love Henry more. How is that even possible?
- Before Jack was born I was nervous that I had forgotten everything about having a newborn, even though it had only been two years. Thankfully, everything has come back and I feel more confident and way less nervous this time around.
- I am having to remind myself to not stress and worry about what I am going to do when Jack is not a super sleepy newborn. Babies change gradually and we will constantly be finding a new rhythm with a toddler and a baby in the house. But, there is no need to worry about it now.
- I find myself thinking several times in a day "we are doing this. we are actually do this"
- Our new morning routine consists of me changing each boy one right after the other and they both always have poop in their diapers. Amazing how that happens.
- Doug is super dad and plays rough and tough with Henry and then turns around and swaddles and cuddles Jack. So thankful he is my teammate and partner in all of this.
- The hard things about having a newborn have been much easier this time. It helps when you realize how it truly does go by fast. With your first, you don't know that yet and the days and nights feel so long. This time around I find myself enjoying this stage so much more. It is a beautiful time and I am so glad that I am able to treasure it instead of dread it.
- I love pushing Jack's wispy hair behind his ears, watching his facial expressions, and holding his hands and toes. Newborns are phenomenal.
- And God bless the people that have brought us hot meals to eat, mom's that help around the house and let you take a nap, and friends that send encouraging texts.

And if you care to compare, here are my thoughts on Henry's first two weeks of life.

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