Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 (Keena Edition):

We were at our house for actual Christmas day. Bethany came down for a few days and the Clark's drove over for two nights. I got sick Christmas Eve with mastitis so I was down and out for two days. It was just about the worst timing in some ways but in other ways it worked out nicely. Aunt Bethany stepped up and helped Doug keep everyone changed, fed, and happy. I was so sick I just laid on the couch for two days. Thankfully I started to feel better and was able to be a part of the fun.

- Talking with Bethany. I just liked having her in my house and getting to chat throughout the day. We covered a lot of ground the few days she was here.
- Watching Henry master the art of opening presents.
- Christmas dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie.
- A new coffee mug for Doug, a shop vac for me (and yes I really did want this. vacuuming out our car just got a whole lot easier), and more diggers for Henry.
- Attempting a boys in jammies picture. It did  not go so well as you can see.
- Playing doctor with Bailey, watching Caden build his lego helicopter, and watching Henry and Devan try to make each other laugh.
- Apples to Apples and homemade curry by Jason
- Lunch at Barnette's

It was a special Christmas, even though it was a little different this year. It was a blessing for us three sisters to be together this Christmas. It was loud and crazy with five children and five adults in a small house. Lots going on with everyone. But it was a good crazy. Biggest Christmas fail though was not one single picture was taken of our family of four. I blame it on the sickness.

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Ashley said...

This pictures are so precious. I am so glad you got some Keena time this year! And boo for being sick. I am so sorry friend :) It looks like you guys had a great time besides that though!