Monday, November 18, 2013

Family Visit:

It is hard having family members live all over the country. But the one great thing about it is when we do get to see them our time is extra special. Since it is not just an everyday, ordinary thing.

Greg and Beth were able to plan a quick trip to our part of the world this past weekend. They were kind enough to drive over to see us since I am a bit nervous to really go too far from home these days.

It was so fun seeing the boys together. We had not seen them all in nearly a year and a year in baby/toddler time is a loooooooong time. Fletcher is so much bigger and faster! He walked all over and enjoyed being outside. Henry quickly learned how to say all of their names and has continued to talk about them. Henry loves having friends over, especially friends his size.

We had a rough start at lunch, but with a venue change we were able to all enjoy some sandwiches and coffee drinks together. Beth and I even managed to get naps (thanks, Doug and Greg!). We got to talk about baby names and toddler beds and all kinds of parent talk. We deeply enjoyed being able to hug their necks and have some good face to face conversations. Come back soon, Greg and Beth! We love you all lots and lots!

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

That is so special that you and Beth are both about to have little ones. An Fletcher's glasses... so stinkin cute!