Wednesday, November 6, 2013

37 Weeks:

Well folks, we have officially run into a problem with my weekly photos. My belly has outgrown the crop box on the editing app. I am not surprised. 

I found out this week that I am strep b negative! [This means that I don't have to have rounds of antibiotics during labor, which I had to do with Henry]

We preregistered at the hospital this week. The new hospital in town is fancy. 

Dear friend, Teresa, brought us dinner over this week because she understands how hard it is to think about simple things like what to eat for dinner when you are nine months pregnant. Such a simple and sweet way to bless our whole family. 

I have also had a harder time sleeping this past week. I feel fine physically, but mentally I have had a hard time turning it off. Last night Doug could tell that I was not sleeping and he kindly scratched my back to help relax me. He is a real good one. Oh, he also bought me more flowers. He is a great husband. 

I think Henry is starting to sense and understand that his world is about to change dramatically. He has been asking to play 'baby' and he brings me his blanket and just wants to be held and rocked in my lap. We have had some major meltdowns when dad leaves to go to work. And we are finding him resting his head on our shoulders when we are holding him much more throughout the day. We sure don't mind all the extra cuddles. 

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