Friday, November 1, 2013

36 Weeks:

We are in the birth month! Praise the Lord! The anticipation and excitement are at a high level around our house. I think Henry is even itching to meet the newest little one. Doug did say that he would like a few days with a lighter workload before the baby comes so he can rest. Good thing we are still a few weeks out. We need to all be as rested as possible before our whole world gets shaken up. 

I have pretty much done everything that I wanted to do before the baby comes. In fact, I am finding myself going back and reorganizing and cleaning the same things that I have already done so many times before in this pregnancy. Renesting, is that a thing? 

Doug and I got to go out for dessert and coffee this week, thanks to dear friends giving free babysitting. We were both so tired we almost cancelled our date, but I am glad we went. Once we were out and had a fantastic chocolate dessert in front of us it felt so nice. Nice to be the two of us for a bit before our family grows to four. 

We are going to the doctor every week now. He told us that he is going to be out of town in the next coming week. I told him I might cry if he is not here to deliver our baby. Probably creepy, but true. 

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