Friday, November 22, 2013

39 Weeks:

We are just a few days away from the due date. In one way it is pretty crazy that we are already at this point, in other ways I feel like I have been pregnant for three years and I will never actually get to meet our baby. I will be the first pregnant forever lady. When I am able to step back into my rational mind, I know that this is not true and in fact, every pregnant lady has these thoughts at some point. 

The other day Doug told me he was getting antsy and just so ready. Neither one of us are sleeping well at night. Doug wakes up every time I move or turn or get up to go to the bathroom thinking that maybe this is it. And I am constantly moving trying to get comfortable.We both agree that we might as well have a sweet baby to hold and cuddle if we are going to be up all night anyways. 

We are ready to meet you baby! Come soon! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 Year Old Henry!

Not going to lie, the first year of H's life went by pretty slowly. It was hard and there were lots of days that I did not know if we were all going to make it. But this past year, from one to two, has flown by. I think that shows just how much more fun we are having and how much easier it has become. We have figured out how to be parents a bit more and Henry has figured out how to be a human.

Some things to remember...

- Your unique and awesome personality. You love to make people laugh, but on your terms and only when you are comfortable or super tired. You are determined, not easily distracted. You like doing whatever we are doing. If I am in the kitchen you are right there with me. If I am putting laundry away you are just a few steps behind. You do the same thing with Grandma and other people that have watched you.

- You get frustrated very easily and you like to do things exactly how you want them done. Even if those things are not possible. An example: you will stack blocks up high and then want to pick up the entire stack and not have any of them fall. This is not a possibility and it makes you quite mad. We are learning how to remain calm, take breaths, and the importance of trying again.

- You still love books of all kinds. Anything on wheels. Airplanes. Balls of all kinds. Wearing your bike helmet. Your tool bench and hammer and screwdrivers. Diggers, dozers, tractors.

- Favorite books: Brown Bear Brown Bear. Trucks. My First Dictionary. Quick as a Cricket.
Favorite movies/shows: Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Baby Einstein videos, any nature show with animals

- Your memory is pretty amazing. You still talk about our trips to the zoo with great detail. You associate things we see here with things that you have seen or done other places, especially Grandma's house.

- You get claustrophobic and like your space. You are quick to tell us when you are "stuck" if we are sitting to close to you. Still not cuddly or physically affectionate. You need love other ways. At this point in life I would say you need love by spending time with us. When dad leaves you have a breakdown. You say 'with me' lots when you want us to do something with you. And like I said earlier, you just like being where we are.

- You are a good eater and the main issue at meal times are getting  you to stay in your seat. Some of your favorites are tacos/burritos, any kind of fruit, yogurt, any kind of baked good, peas, chicken and fries, sandwiches, noodles, cheese, cereal and milk,

- Bedtime routine: jammies, milk and books on the couch, we talk about your day in your bed, pray, and then you ask for a back rub. You are quick to ask or remind us to do one of these steps if we forget.

- You like routine and have a pretty methodical mind at this point. You help dad get dressed in the morning and you walk through each step with him...shirt, pants, hat, wallet, watch, phone, etc...When you help me get ready for my day, many times you look up at me and say 'pretty mama'. It really gets to me. Every single time.

- Things that are hard: Transitions from one thing to the next. Especially when it is time to leave playing outside or leave dad. Lots of fits happen during these times. Staying in bed during naps and bedtime. Working through anger and temper tantrums. Having to sit still for any amount of time. Listening and obeying.

- Things that are wonderful: Listening to your vocabulary grow and grow by the minute, watching you play, your laugh and smile when you are having so much fun, seeing our friends and family members love you, having a buddy throughout our days to play with and do things with, baking together, the way you show us that you love us, and the way you challenge us to be better people every single day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Bed Doug Built:

We are planning on Henry and baby sharing a room. We will keep baby in our room for the first few months and then Lord willing be able to transition somewhat easily to having a baby and a toddler sleeping in the same room at the same time. We shall see. We might be attempting the impossible.

In preparation for that, Doug built Henry an even bigger boy bed. I am continually impressed with what he is able to build in just a few hours with a few tools and some wood. Henry is very very proud of his bed that "dad build" him. Throughout the day he will come and say "show me. 'enry bed". I have walked back to his room countless times over the past week to look at his bed. Now if he would stay in that bed and sleep past 5:00 am that would be really great.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Family Visit:

It is hard having family members live all over the country. But the one great thing about it is when we do get to see them our time is extra special. Since it is not just an everyday, ordinary thing.

Greg and Beth were able to plan a quick trip to our part of the world this past weekend. They were kind enough to drive over to see us since I am a bit nervous to really go too far from home these days.

It was so fun seeing the boys together. We had not seen them all in nearly a year and a year in baby/toddler time is a loooooooong time. Fletcher is so much bigger and faster! He walked all over and enjoyed being outside. Henry quickly learned how to say all of their names and has continued to talk about them. Henry loves having friends over, especially friends his size.

We had a rough start at lunch, but with a venue change we were able to all enjoy some sandwiches and coffee drinks together. Beth and I even managed to get naps (thanks, Doug and Greg!). We got to talk about baby names and toddler beds and all kinds of parent talk. We deeply enjoyed being able to hug their necks and have some good face to face conversations. Come back soon, Greg and Beth! We love you all lots and lots!

Friday, November 15, 2013

38 Weeks:

This week I have found myself bouncing on a birth ball, dancing in the kitchen, taking bumpy car rides, and going on walks. All in an effort to encourage the little one to go ahead and decided to come into the world.

I have also pretty much totally given up on maternity jeans. They are the worst. Seriously. Especially when you are up and down constantly tending to the needs of an almost two year old.

I was standing in line at Starbucks and looked over and there was an entire family just sweetly staring at me. Finally the Dad asked with a huge smiled plastered on his face, "when are you due?". I feel lots of peoples stares. Thankfully this time they were sweet stares.

Henry now has his own twin bed and we converted his bed back to a crib. Now we have a kids room. Pretty exciting to walk by and think about two sweet ones sleeping in the same room.

I am ready. So so ready. Physically I still feel pretty well through the day, thankfully. Mentally and emotionally...just so ready.

Henry is pretty convinced we are having a girl. I am back to thinking it is a girl. And Doug is leaning towards boy. [For the record, he was right the last time]

A perk of being this pregnant is that I am on top of our laundry and dishes pretty much at all times. In the back of my head I keep thinking, I could be going to the hospital to have a baby any moment. I need to have these things done just in case.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

37 Weeks:

Well folks, we have officially run into a problem with my weekly photos. My belly has outgrown the crop box on the editing app. I am not surprised. 

I found out this week that I am strep b negative! [This means that I don't have to have rounds of antibiotics during labor, which I had to do with Henry]

We preregistered at the hospital this week. The new hospital in town is fancy. 

Dear friend, Teresa, brought us dinner over this week because she understands how hard it is to think about simple things like what to eat for dinner when you are nine months pregnant. Such a simple and sweet way to bless our whole family. 

I have also had a harder time sleeping this past week. I feel fine physically, but mentally I have had a hard time turning it off. Last night Doug could tell that I was not sleeping and he kindly scratched my back to help relax me. He is a real good one. Oh, he also bought me more flowers. He is a great husband. 

I think Henry is starting to sense and understand that his world is about to change dramatically. He has been asking to play 'baby' and he brings me his blanket and just wants to be held and rocked in my lap. We have had some major meltdowns when dad leaves to go to work. And we are finding him resting his head on our shoulders when we are holding him much more throughout the day. We sure don't mind all the extra cuddles. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Henry the Elephant Photo Overload:

I had zero brain power or energy to come up with a costume for Henry for Halloween thankfully our neighbors already had this elephant and graciously let us borrow it. Henry said the word 'Halloween' over and over all day. He did not know what it was, but I think he just liked saying such a funny word.

We put him in his costume and took him outside for pictures. Honestly it was quite stressful. No one was feeling it and there were puddles everywhere and all Henry wanted to do was pick up rocks and throw them in the puddles. He threw an epic fit when it was time to go inside. I looked at Doug and said "Halloween with a two year old". We were all done with it at that point so the costume came off and we did not go to one single house to trick-or-treat. He doesn't know the difference and it helped us keep our sanity.

He is pretty cute though and he did talk about being an 'elphent' for days.

Monday, November 4, 2013


You know how I said that Henry loves his dad a whole lot. Well this really happened tonight...

Doug and Henry were outside kicking a ball in the air, running, and playing. The usual toddler boy/dad stuff. I went out to find them to tell them that it was time for Henry to come in and take a bath. As I walked out on the porch Henry started to whine, looked at Doug and then back and me, and then pointed his finger and said "back". He wanted to me go back inside and leave them alone. Boy time. I am [thankfully] able to laugh about it. Doug did talk to him about being nice to me.

The perfect example of how much love our son has for his father.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dad and Henry:

Henry has the best dad. And I think he knows it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

36 Weeks:

We are in the birth month! Praise the Lord! The anticipation and excitement are at a high level around our house. I think Henry is even itching to meet the newest little one. Doug did say that he would like a few days with a lighter workload before the baby comes so he can rest. Good thing we are still a few weeks out. We need to all be as rested as possible before our whole world gets shaken up. 

I have pretty much done everything that I wanted to do before the baby comes. In fact, I am finding myself going back and reorganizing and cleaning the same things that I have already done so many times before in this pregnancy. Renesting, is that a thing? 

Doug and I got to go out for dessert and coffee this week, thanks to dear friends giving free babysitting. We were both so tired we almost cancelled our date, but I am glad we went. Once we were out and had a fantastic chocolate dessert in front of us it felt so nice. Nice to be the two of us for a bit before our family grows to four. 

We are going to the doctor every week now. He told us that he is going to be out of town in the next coming week. I told him I might cry if he is not here to deliver our baby. Probably creepy, but true.