Monday, October 28, 2013

Tulsa Run 2013:

Doug ran the Tulsa Run this past weekend. He shaved nine minutes off of his time last much time in fact we missed seeing him cross the finish line. We had quite a cheering section on the side,  we were paying attention to the race but also talking and attempting to keep two toddlers happy in a crowd of people. All of a sudden we turned around and there he was. Medal around his neck. And we missed the big moment. Such a bummer, but so happy that he finished so much faster than last year. 

The weather was much much nicer this year. My dad was in town so he was able to come down for the race. Karen and Jeanette and Anson also came to cheer. It is such a fun atmosphere and having family there only makes it better. We ended our morning downtown with some of our favorite coffee and listening to some live music. 

His official time this year was 1:17:36. An average of 8:21/mile. Faster than I would ever be able to run that many miles. 

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Katie said...

So fast! Go Doug!