Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toddler Bed Transition:

Henry has had his toddler bed for a while now. The main thing that has happened as a result of this big change is more time together in bed as a family. He wakes up early from most naps and comes in to find me and then will fall back asleep. It has become a pretty sweet afternoon treat. It is especially fun when Dad comes home and finds us still snuggled in bed and gets to join in on the fun. 

We are still working on bedtime. If you ask him what happens if he gets out of his bed he very sadly and slowly will say "shut da door". So, he knows what happens and yet it is a battle every night. We end up having to shut the door and he cries and cries and then eventually falls asleep. I am ready for him to just learn to stay in his bed so we don't have to go through the screaming every night. 

He still comes in our room most nights in the middle of the night. We tell him to go back to bed but usually have to walk him back to his room and help him get back settled in. Most nights he sleeps until 6:01 or 6:02 on the dot. He is allowed in our bed with us at that point and it is amazing to me that he comes in so close to 6:00 am every morning. His internal clock is already so accurate. 

He is growing up and getting bigger by the day. This is just one small way that he is more of a boy instead of a baby. 

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