Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Henry Day:

We wanted to have some intentional Henry time before baby number two joins our family. I have heard mom's talk about that sad feeling of realizing that time with their first child only was close to being over. It was a sentiment I never understood until the past few weeks. We are so so so excited for another child to add to our family. But, there are a lot of emotions at the thought of our family of three coming to an end. 

Our first stop was the zoo. We watched a sea lion jump up and hit a ball, saw a bear walk right up to the window, watched birds get fed their daily fish, and saw real live meerkats! [sidenote: Henry has just recently discovered the show on Animal Planet called Meerkat Manor. He loves it and asks nearly every morning to watch the "ear-kat's". It makes me laugh every time.] The highlight though was the zoo train. We had to wait for a bit at the station so when the train pulled around the corner Henry looked like he might burst. We ate cookies and rode around the zoo before leaving. 

Then we met Grandma "am-ma" for lunch at a deli downtown. He loves grilled cheese and his "am-ma" so he was a happy toddler. 

Our last stop was a children's museum. We had the entire place to ourselves! The highlight was a 200 feet long tunnel/slide made out of packaging tape. He asked for "more" of the slide over and over. 

It was such a special day with our Henry. We had such a sweet time together as a family of three. I loved seeing Henry enjoy so many fun things in one day. 

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