Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Family Walks:

We have enjoyed having more evenings at home together since the slower fall season here at camp has arrived. We had all of our dinners at home last week, which is a treat for us with Doug's current position here at camp. Each night during dinner Henry would ask to go on a walk. The weather has been perfect. And Maxwell has matured enough as a dog to handle family walks better. He actually comes when we call him! And stays with us! And does not knock Henry on the ground!

They are the perfect ending to our days. Henry runs and runs and runs (and trips and falls a lot but he is getting better with each walk) and is the happiest all day when we are out together walking. We don't go far and we certainly don't move fast. But they are precious moments as a family.

And, I am sure my nine month pregnant body is appreciative of these walks.

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