Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Visit from Dad:

My dad was in our part of the country for the past week. He came for a pre-baby visit and my mom will be here post-baby. The youngest sibling is still in high school, so it is still pretty difficult for mom and dad to get away together. I know they are looking forward to the day when it will be easier to travel together. But for now, we are glad they each make sacrifices to give us time with each of them.

We already talked about Henry and Papa's haircut morning. But we squeezed in lots of other fun things.

Watched a Cardinals World Series game together and we won for the record. We might just have to hold onto the special memory for this year since we have not played so well the past few games.

Dad helped me figure out emoticons on my phone. And lots of comments were made about how my dad has the newest I Phone while I just have the 4. He is cooler than me.

Doug and Dad go out to breakfast each time we are together. Doug came back talking about how special of a time it was. He might have teared up telling me about their open converstaion. I love love love seeing my husband love my dad and my dad love my husband. Such a huge blessing.

Lunch together after the Tulsa Run at Chipotle. Where I had to punish Henry because he hit me, in front of my dad nonetheless. Doesn't Henry know that you don't hit someone's daughter right in front of their eyes ?!?

Another trip to the zoo. And another zoo train ride with cookies.

A princess and knight birthday party for our niece and nephew. Complete with foam swords, princess dresses, and a whole table full of yummy food.

Dad church hopped and went to one service with my sister and her family and then drove a few miles down the road and went to church with us. With a lunch after at Pei Wei.

We enjoyed some meals together down in camp. One evening after dinner we went down to the creek and fed the fish some bread and watched the sunset.

The older I get and the longer I am on this parenthood journey, my love and appreciation for my parents deepens in ways I had not ever imagined. I appreciate their insight, encouragement, unconditional love, and wisdom that just radiates from both of them. I am a better mom and a better parent because of them and all the hard work they have poured into me. We are looking forward to a week of Gram in less than a month!

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