Wednesday, October 16, 2013

33 & 34 Weeks:

Went to the doctor today and got to hear that sweet little heartbeat again [140 for the record]. It never gets old. We also talked through some birth wishes. I pretty much told him that I would love it if this delivery went  much differently than Henry's. [Quick run down of Henry's: water broke, our doctor was out of town, antibiotics for baby and me, I ran a fever, oxygen masks were used, fluids were given non-stop, low blood pressure, low heart rate, pitocin, epidural, looooong labor,  and Henry had a NICU stay as a result of a traumatic labor] We are praying, wishing, and hoping that this delivery will be much more natural and much faster with healthy baby and healthy mom at the end of the day. It sounds like the doctor is on board which we are excited about.

I still feel pretty good physically, thankfully. I am still sleeping at night, praise the Lord! No leg cramps this time, praise the Lord! And the heartburn has been a little bit better, praise the Lord! I do still get winded reading Henry his books. It is getting harder to do the dishes because my massive belly is keeping me from the sink. And I am pretty sick and tired of wearing maternity jeans. They are horrible.

Emotionally, I am all over the place. Way more than when I was pregnant with Henry. One day I broke down crying because it was to hot outside. I get cranky and inpatient with Henry much much faster. And Doug has had his fair share of not-so-nice and not deserved mean glances and silent treatments. Thankfully Doug is handling it all like a champ and him and Henry are sticking together through these last few weeks. I am ready to be feeling a little bit more normal and not so crazy lady.

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