Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 & 32 Weeks:

We went to the doctor yesterday and did another ultrasound on our little one. They noticed some slight swelling in the left kidney. We are praying that it is totally normal by the time the baby comes. If not, baby will possibly need surgery to correct the issue. The baby also weighed 5 pounds ?!? Ultrasound measurements are not very accurate, but still. 5 lbs seems like a whole lot for how much left we have in this pregnancy.

Naming this baby has been a bit more of a challenge. If you had asked us a few months ago we would have said that if we have a boy we would name him Elliot and a girl would be Ellis. Now there are second guesses. Other girl names we like are Nora and Caroline. Other boy names we like are Jack and Issac. So, really we will see. I think our favorites are still the same from a few months ago but the late pregnancy craziness has affected every area of my life, including names that I like. 

My good friend Emily made the comment the other day that the third trimester feels like it lasts six months long. I agree. 

The past few weeks I have eaten more baked potatoes and half salads from Wendy's then I care to admit. Cheap, filling, and easy. 

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