Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Visit from Dad:

My dad was in our part of the country for the past week. He came for a pre-baby visit and my mom will be here post-baby. The youngest sibling is still in high school, so it is still pretty difficult for mom and dad to get away together. I know they are looking forward to the day when it will be easier to travel together. But for now, we are glad they each make sacrifices to give us time with each of them.

We already talked about Henry and Papa's haircut morning. But we squeezed in lots of other fun things.

Watched a Cardinals World Series game together and we won for the record. We might just have to hold onto the special memory for this year since we have not played so well the past few games.

Dad helped me figure out emoticons on my phone. And lots of comments were made about how my dad has the newest I Phone while I just have the 4. He is cooler than me.

Doug and Dad go out to breakfast each time we are together. Doug came back talking about how special of a time it was. He might have teared up telling me about their open converstaion. I love love love seeing my husband love my dad and my dad love my husband. Such a huge blessing.

Lunch together after the Tulsa Run at Chipotle. Where I had to punish Henry because he hit me, in front of my dad nonetheless. Doesn't Henry know that you don't hit someone's daughter right in front of their eyes ?!?

Another trip to the zoo. And another zoo train ride with cookies.

A princess and knight birthday party for our niece and nephew. Complete with foam swords, princess dresses, and a whole table full of yummy food.

Dad church hopped and went to one service with my sister and her family and then drove a few miles down the road and went to church with us. With a lunch after at Pei Wei.

We enjoyed some meals together down in camp. One evening after dinner we went down to the creek and fed the fish some bread and watched the sunset.

The older I get and the longer I am on this parenthood journey, my love and appreciation for my parents deepens in ways I had not ever imagined. I appreciate their insight, encouragement, unconditional love, and wisdom that just radiates from both of them. I am a better mom and a better parent because of them and all the hard work they have poured into me. We are looking forward to a week of Gram in less than a month!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tulsa Run 2013:

Doug ran the Tulsa Run this past weekend. He shaved nine minutes off of his time last year...so much time in fact we missed seeing him cross the finish line. We had quite a cheering section on the side,  we were paying attention to the race but also talking and attempting to keep two toddlers happy in a crowd of people. All of a sudden we turned around and there he was. Medal around his neck. And we missed the big moment. Such a bummer, but so happy that he finished so much faster than last year. 

The weather was much much nicer this year. My dad was in town so he was able to come down for the race. Karen and Jeanette and Anson also came to cheer. It is such a fun atmosphere and having family there only makes it better. We ended our morning downtown with some of our favorite coffee and listening to some live music. 

His official time this year was 1:17:36. An average of 8:21/mile. Faster than I would ever be able to run that many miles. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Henry's First Haircut:

We have been waiting for Papa to come to town for Henry to get his first haircut. My dad got his haircut at this same barber shop when they lived in town and I thought that it would be so special to have him with us at such a momentous occasion. 

Henry was terrified at first and clung tightly to me. He was mostly scared of the cape they put around his neck. Our barber, Ben, was so great and worked perfectly with an emotional toddler. Henry finally warmed up to what was going on and played with the (empty) ash trays on the old chairs. At one point the older man who was getting his haircut next to us asked me if I knew how much older Henry would look after the haircut. I knew it would happen, but I was surprised at just how much it changed his sweet baby boy face. (There might have been a few mama tears shed later that afternoon when I went in to get him up from his nap.) 

It was a special memory and I am so glad that Papa got to come with us. Henry told people for days about his 'aircut' with Papa. We ended our special morning out with doughnuts and milk at the doughnut shop. Henry was in Papa heaven that whole morning. 

Fall Family Walks:

We have enjoyed having more evenings at home together since the slower fall season here at camp has arrived. We had all of our dinners at home last week, which is a treat for us with Doug's current position here at camp. Each night during dinner Henry would ask to go on a walk. The weather has been perfect. And Maxwell has matured enough as a dog to handle family walks better. He actually comes when we call him! And stays with us! And does not knock Henry on the ground!

They are the perfect ending to our days. Henry runs and runs and runs (and trips and falls a lot but he is getting better with each walk) and is the happiest all day when we are out together walking. We don't go far and we certainly don't move fast. But they are precious moments as a family.

And, I am sure my nine month pregnant body is appreciative of these walks.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toddler Bed Transition:

Henry has had his toddler bed for a while now. The main thing that has happened as a result of this big change is more time together in bed as a family. He wakes up early from most naps and comes in to find me and then will fall back asleep. It has become a pretty sweet afternoon treat. It is especially fun when Dad comes home and finds us still snuggled in bed and gets to join in on the fun. 

We are still working on bedtime. If you ask him what happens if he gets out of his bed he very sadly and slowly will say "shut da door". So, he knows what happens and yet it is a battle every night. We end up having to shut the door and he cries and cries and then eventually falls asleep. I am ready for him to just learn to stay in his bed so we don't have to go through the screaming every night. 

He still comes in our room most nights in the middle of the night. We tell him to go back to bed but usually have to walk him back to his room and help him get back settled in. Most nights he sleeps until 6:01 or 6:02 on the dot. He is allowed in our bed with us at that point and it is amazing to me that he comes in so close to 6:00 am every morning. His internal clock is already so accurate. 

He is growing up and getting bigger by the day. This is just one small way that he is more of a boy instead of a baby. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

35 Weeks:

I officially feel pregnant. It is getting harder to do every day things and each night my bed kindly welcomes my achy body. It is much different being pregnant the first time without having a little one to chase and take care of on a daily basis. It is also amazing how quickly you can go from feeling great to feeling super pregnant. But in the midst of the third trimester aches and pains, I am continually in awe of God and his beautiful plan and way he makes and gives life. A miracle indeed. 

New this time around: Braxton Hicks contractions! I never felt any with Henry, so these are new and interesting. Also, pain on top of my stomach. Hoping this is just muscles being pushed and pulled and that it immediately disappears once the babe is born. 

A lady stopped me in church and said "you are beautiful!". I need to remember to tell super pregnant ladies this. 

A family here at camp watched Henry for an entire morning. It was just what we all needed. He got to play hard with the big kids and I got to mop the floor (nesting, anyone?) and take a long shower. Thankful to be surrounded by loving and understanding families. 

And, we are just so so so excited to meet this little one. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

33 & 34 Weeks:

Went to the doctor today and got to hear that sweet little heartbeat again [140 for the record]. It never gets old. We also talked through some birth wishes. I pretty much told him that I would love it if this delivery went  much differently than Henry's. [Quick run down of Henry's: water broke, our doctor was out of town, antibiotics for baby and me, I ran a fever, oxygen masks were used, fluids were given non-stop, low blood pressure, low heart rate, pitocin, epidural, looooong labor,  and Henry had a NICU stay as a result of a traumatic labor] We are praying, wishing, and hoping that this delivery will be much more natural and much faster with healthy baby and healthy mom at the end of the day. It sounds like the doctor is on board which we are excited about.

I still feel pretty good physically, thankfully. I am still sleeping at night, praise the Lord! No leg cramps this time, praise the Lord! And the heartburn has been a little bit better, praise the Lord! I do still get winded reading Henry his books. It is getting harder to do the dishes because my massive belly is keeping me from the sink. And I am pretty sick and tired of wearing maternity jeans. They are horrible.

Emotionally, I am all over the place. Way more than when I was pregnant with Henry. One day I broke down crying because it was to hot outside. I get cranky and inpatient with Henry much much faster. And Doug has had his fair share of not-so-nice and not deserved mean glances and silent treatments. Thankfully Doug is handling it all like a champ and him and Henry are sticking together through these last few weeks. I am ready to be feeling a little bit more normal and not so crazy lady.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loving Lately:

- This past week Henry and I had our most successful cooking session together. Doug was needing a nap,  Henry was needing to be entertained, and I needed cookies. Henry and I made gingersnaps. Part of the success was how easy and quick the recipe was. Henry was so proud of his cookies.

- Any meal that we get to have at home. We are still in a busy busy time here at camp so we have most of our dinners down in camp to visit Dad at work. Any chance we get to sit at our table as a family and eat dinner is becoming so special.

- The cooler weather, fall candles, and all the other stereotypical wonderful fall stuff.

[Things we are NOT loving...the toddler bed transition and feeling like we are constantly kissing boo-boo's and inspecting injuries, poor boy keeps hurting himself]

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Henry Day:

We wanted to have some intentional Henry time before baby number two joins our family. I have heard mom's talk about that sad feeling of realizing that time with their first child only was close to being over. It was a sentiment I never understood until the past few weeks. We are so so so excited for another child to add to our family. But, there are a lot of emotions at the thought of our family of three coming to an end. 

Our first stop was the zoo. We watched a sea lion jump up and hit a ball, saw a bear walk right up to the window, watched birds get fed their daily fish, and saw real live meerkats! [sidenote: Henry has just recently discovered the show on Animal Planet called Meerkat Manor. He loves it and asks nearly every morning to watch the "ear-kat's". It makes me laugh every time.] The highlight though was the zoo train. We had to wait for a bit at the station so when the train pulled around the corner Henry looked like he might burst. We ate cookies and rode around the zoo before leaving. 

Then we met Grandma "am-ma" for lunch at a deli downtown. He loves grilled cheese and his "am-ma" so he was a happy toddler. 

Our last stop was a children's museum. We had the entire place to ourselves! The highlight was a 200 feet long tunnel/slide made out of packaging tape. He asked for "more" of the slide over and over. 

It was such a special day with our Henry. We had such a sweet time together as a family of three. I loved seeing Henry enjoy so many fun things in one day. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Past Week We:

- Doug came home from work one night with a fall bouquet of flowers. They were my "happy 32 weeks of pregnancy" bouquet of flowers. He is a great pregnancy cheerleader. I especially need a cheerleader in these last few weeks.
- Henry loves helmets because football players and the smart motorcycle riders wear them. I found a brand new helmet at Salvation Army that fits him perfectly. He wears it to play football in the yard.
- It has been a hot October so far. Henry picked out a pumpkin at the store to paint and since it was over 80 degrees outside I decided to strip him down and paint the pumpkin outside. Less mess inside.
- Watched funny shows that we had DVR'd together. [Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mindy Project, and Parks and Rec]
- I made my first batch of pumpkin muffins. While Doug was eating one he looked at me and asked how I get the cream cheese into the middle of the muffin. He stopped me before I answered and told me that he just wanted it to remain a secret. My magical muffin baking skill secret. His compliments on my baking are my favorite.
- Watched the first Cardinals play-off game.
- Babysat our sweet friend, Watson.
- Cooked hobo's in our oven.
- Doug cleaned out his closet and got rid of a lot of his clothes that are not very grown-up. Clothing including his hoodies with a deer on the front and one with dragons all over it. I think he is starting to feel that we are now closer to 30 than 20. We are all growing up around here.
- Henry continues to fall asleep on the fall, we move him to his bed, and then he comes into our room in the middle of the night to finish sleeping on the floor. He wakes us up at 6:00 and then he crawls into bed with us.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 & 32 Weeks:

We went to the doctor yesterday and did another ultrasound on our little one. They noticed some slight swelling in the left kidney. We are praying that it is totally normal by the time the baby comes. If not, baby will possibly need surgery to correct the issue. The baby also weighed 5 pounds ?!? Ultrasound measurements are not very accurate, but still. 5 lbs seems like a whole lot for how much left we have in this pregnancy.

Naming this baby has been a bit more of a challenge. If you had asked us a few months ago we would have said that if we have a boy we would name him Elliot and a girl would be Ellis. Now there are second guesses. Other girl names we like are Nora and Caroline. Other boy names we like are Jack and Issac. So, really we will see. I think our favorites are still the same from a few months ago but the late pregnancy craziness has affected every area of my life, including names that I like. 

My good friend Emily made the comment the other day that the third trimester feels like it lasts six months long. I agree. 

The past few weeks I have eaten more baked potatoes and half salads from Wendy's then I care to admit. Cheap, filling, and easy.