Saturday, September 21, 2013

This Past Week We:

- We took a day trip to Tulsa so Doug could go to the eye doctor and so we could get some cousin playtime in. We went to the park and played for about 10 minutes before it started to rain. We enjoyed it while it lasted. We also enjoyed a pizza dinner with Grandma.
- Doug is working on finishing up his masters degree this semester. He will be done in May and I am proud of his ability to juggle so many things. And juggle them so well. He blows me away.
- Toddler bed transition continues. It is much much better from that first week, but we are still finding our little guy by the side of our bed when he should be sleeping in his bed. His naps are wacky and one day this week he ended up taking pretty much his entire nap in our bed. I really truly soaked it up. Glad I was not frustrated with him. He is only this little (and needy) once.
- I generally make a trip to Walmart once a week to get stuff for the kitchen down in camp. This particular week I had a basket full of frozen burritos, marshmallows, and a few boxes of donuts for the staff. I laughed to myself thinking about what people must be thinking about this very pregnant lady pushing all this food around.
- The mom's group I attend has started back up this fall. Henry walked right into his class and then told me about the things he learned, played with, and snacks he ate when I picked him up. He is getting so much smarter and bigger.
- We had a family date to the new McDonald's in town. Henry was a big fan.
- Doug and I had one of the those marriage moments that had us both crying, asking for forgiveness, and loving each other more by the end of the day. I love these moments in marriage. Such a beautiful gift we have been given.

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