Friday, September 6, 2013


- I feel like my days are measured by how much longer do I have until I have to fight Henry to stay in his bed for his nap or for bedtime. We are slowly maybe getting a hang of it. The only thing is, Henry has come into our room every single night and lays on the floor by our bed and sleeps there. But at this point, we are all sleeping so we are just going with it for now.

- We had some people over for dinner last night that we work with here at camp. Having people in our home for dinner is one my greatest joys. I love how much easier it has become for me to have people over for dinner. I laugh now thinking back to the first meal I hosted after Doug and I got married. My nervousness was through the roof. But I do still ask Doug what he thought of every single dish I made at the end of the night. So maybe there are still some insecurities there I need to work through.

- Doug has a new goal and dream of doing a triathlon . His goal is to do his first one next year. He has been swimming and running and other various exercises. He is getting super strong! I am so proud of his hard work.

- I have been trying to do a better job of taking advantage of living at a camp and having weather and enough energy to get out of the house. We have played on the jump pillow (essentially it is an in-ground trampoline), played in the creek, bounced basketballs on the sports court, and had a successful family walk on the trails. We are blessed to live somewhere that has so much to offer outdoors. And come middle of winter, I am sure we will be begging for sunny weather to be able to go outside.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I want to come to dinner at your house :( You really are a great hostess, Danae.

I'm so glad you are taking advantage of being at camp. It's weird when you leave - you think "why didn't I ride horses more? Why didn't I swim in the lake more?" Stuff like that.

Oh and P.S. You should connect your email to your blogger account so I can reply to you via blog comments! No pressure, but I would love to. Love you friend!